Utility Treat – Digestive Support


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Size: 70g

With added probiotics, probiotics, MOS, FOS, cellulose & high fibre, these treats are ideal for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

These treats are perfect for: Recall, Ring-craft, Flyball, Agility and Obedience Training.


Our Digestive Support Utility Treats are specifically formulated to help promote healthy gut movement and aid growth of good bacteria.


This recipe has benefits such as:

  • Added Prebiotics, MOS & FOS which may assist in the growth of healthy gut bacteria and assist the absorption of nutrients.
  • Added probiotic to aid digestion and gut flora.
  • A high fibre level which helps promote gut movement and promote a firmer stool.
  • Added cellulose to maintain healthy gut transit time and assist in weigh control.
  • Added nucleotides which are essential for the repair of cells which helps promote all around health and well-being.
  • Added vitamins and minerals essential to overall health.


Our recipes are also contain no artificial colourants, preservatives or additives to promote health and wellbeing.


The treats are supplied in a resealable bag to ensure that they stay fresh.


As with our other products, our Utility Treats are also Grain and Gluten free.

Additional information

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Feeding Guide

Feed any time as a treat or reward. Ensure a supply of clean, fresh drinking water is available at all times.






Store in a dark, cool dry place.


Our Utility Treats will be dispatched separately to large bags of food.