Grain and Gluten Free

Although used in many off the shelf dog food products, dogs do not require grain or gluten in their diet. Many products have added grain with gluten into their recipes due to its low cost and ability to “bulk out” a food and additionally it contains protein that makes the food to appear higher in nutritional value.

Unfortunately proteins from grains and gluten have very low nutritional value for your dog and can potentially cause the development of or agitate an existing intolerance.

Grass based ingredients (Wheat, corn, oats etc.) have a higher risk for intolerances and allergies due to the poor nutritional value. These can show in many forms such as sores, itchy skin or feet, digestion issues. If your dog is having issues it is most likely due to diet.

Due to this we have decided to exclude these from all of our recipes as it is more beneficial for your dog.

Other benefits of a grain and gluten free diet include:

  • Helps keep dogs fuller longer resulting in eating less frequently
  • Reduced chance of food allergies
  • Fewer and smaller stools
  • Healthier skin
  • Shinier coat
  • Less shedding
  • Better breath
  • Reduced flatulence