A Name You Can Trust

The Halsted Family have been training and working dogs for over 50 years, winning countless Awards and achievements for both John Halsted and his champion dogs. One key part of achieving so much is nutrition. If a dog is on a poor diet it can only reflect in its performance.

We can truly appreciate the difference that a quality diet can make, because of this we make sure that our recipes are made to the highest standard. Which is why all of our recipes are complete. This means that our foods contain every nutrient required so that the dogs stay fit and healthy.

Our premium grain and gluten free recipes also include a  joint supplements to help maintain and support the muscular skeletal system. Combined with the quality oils and fats used your dog will look and feel like a champion

Our premium recipes also contain no Additives or Synthetic Preservatives

By excluding certain “problem” components it makes our foods much more easily digestible and enjoyable for your dogs. We are always clear on what ingredients that we use and make sure our customers are well informed on what goes into our food – You can read more here

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