Feeding Guide

When switching to one of our foods it couldn’t be more simple.

We recommend feeding half our your dogs current food with half our our food. If the dog has no problems over the next 24 hours you can switch exclusively. If your dog can be easily upset we recommend introducing our foods slower depending on the dog.

As our food is a made using only quality ingredients you will likely find that you have to feed a smaller amount than previous.

Weight of Dog Grams Per Day
Grams Per Day
(Grain/Gluten Free)
1 – 5 kg 35g-120g 25g – 90g
5 – 10 kg 120g-200g 90g – 150g
10 – 20 kg 200g-380g 150g – 250g
20 – 30 kg 380g – 480 250g – 340g
30 – 40 kg 480g – 550g 340g – 420g
40+ kg 550g + 420g +

For best results feed dry. However warm water can be added to soften the kibble.

We also advise to feed twice daily as it improves stools by giving the dog more time to process a smaller portion.

The above feeding guidelines are based on the requirements for a fully grown adult dog. If your dog is still a puppy you can find information regarding feeding available here.

If you require any assistance with feeding please contact us