Breeder Club Terms & Conditions

Acceptance to the Halsted Breeder Club is subject to the following requirements;

  • You are registered with the Kennel Club with a kennel name/affix OR are a registered member of the Kennel Club accredited breeder scheme. Please note that we will require a copy of your Kennel Club certificate before offering puppy packs.
  • You own one or more breeding bitches &/or stud dogs and produce a minimum of one litter per year.
  • A minimum purchase of £30 by the new member to activate the account following registration acceptance.

By registering to join as a member you have agreed to adhere to the following standard terms and conditions;

  • On registering with the breeder club you are confirming that when you order “working dog food” that you are purchasing food for working dogs in accordance with H.M.R.C reference 701/15 (March 2002) item 6.4.
  • The breeder club program is available to breeders based in mainland UK and Northern Ireland only.
  • Halsted Foods reserve the right to terminate the membership of a breeder at their discretion and without prior notice.
  • Breeder club membership will automatically expire if the account becomes inactive for a consecutive period of six months.
  • All new litters must be weaned on Halsted Foods puppy complete food purchased directly via the Breeder account.
  • Members must Halsted Foods within three weeks of the birth of a new litter by emailing Members are expected to provide verification of any new litter registered upon request.
  • To qualify for free puppy packs members must purchase sufficient puppy complete food to wean each litter (No less than 2kg per puppy). This must be purchased through their breeder account at the time of registering each litter.
  • Halsted Foods will supply a free new owner puppy packs up to a maximum of 10 litters per calendar year.
  • Recommend Halsted Foods complete food to all new puppy owners and give Halsted Foods puppy packs (including food) to the new owners free of charge.
  • Submit new owners, email address to Fish4Dogs via the website within two weeks of the puppy going to their new home, having obtained the permission of the new owner.
  • Halsted Foods reserve the right to change the content of the breeder club program and /or any of the program standard terms and conditions (either to breeder or new owner) at their discretion and without prior notice
  • Members with their own website are required to provide a link to the Halsted Foods website.